Sortation Original Ware
Our qualified employees sort the original ware in strict quality criteria.

Creme Shoes
Especially qualified employees sort the creme shoes no. 1 paired in Bundles.

Winter - Ware Mix
Our special ware: Winter-Ware-Mix

Sortation Creme Ware
Our specialists select the creme ware by especially sortation. .

Shoes no. 1
Shoes no. 1 packed for the export to
North Africa.

Summer- Ware Mix
Our special offering: Summer-Ware-Mix

Creme - Ware
Creme ware in bales for the export will be packed in container suitable bales.

Original Collecting Ware
Original collecting ware generally german origin.

African Ware
African ware will be packed and stored by the special criteria of import.