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Purchasing, sorting, packaging and worldwide exporting of used textile

KAMO TEX was founded in 2010 and is a young and dynamic sorting company in The Netherlands.
Sorting is an intensive and intricate process and the operations are carried out entirely in accordance with the standards set out in the Assessment of Certified Sorting Process. The used textiles are purchased per kilogram from various European collection companies, which often work with charities and the textiles are delivered by truck to KAMO TEX.


The textiles are sorted in a number of steps based on the condition of the material. The sorted products are packaged in plastic bags or bales, according to their quality. They are then exported all over the world.

Second-hand clothes wholesaler

 Clothing that you no longer wear is by no means worn out. More than half of the clothing given away in Western Europe are suitable for a second life.
Specialized sorting operations like the KAMO TEX ensure that this clothing is marketed worldwide. Contemporary and high-quality clothing, as well as winter items, are a large sales market in Eastern Europe. More dated clothing goes to markets in Africa and Asia. Articles of clothing that can no longer be worn are either made into rags for industrial use or serve as raw materials, for example insulation materials in the automobile industry. Remaining clothing can also serve as a valuable fuel for the cement industry.


International Exporter

From packaging to transport, our expertise and the quality of our products are recognised by the main second-hand clothes importers across 3 continents : East-Europe, Afrika and Middle-East.

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