The first step is to unload trucks with unsorted textiles

The textiles are delivered to KAMO TEX in trucks. The first step of the sorting process is the unloading of the textile freights. In this phase, duvets/pillows and shoes are already separated.
All incoming goods are labeled by cargo. Data such as origin of goods, weight and price per kilogram are registered in the system.
Over forty different types



In pre-sorting, the textile bags are put on a table like they are, as discarded by the consumer

In this phase, the sorter looks at what kind of textile is being done.For example: household textiles, bed linen, sweaters, trousers, children’s clothing, skirts, belts, bags, shoes, etc. 40 different types of sorts are made. Clothing that is as good as new is already kept separate.


Further selection during the post-sorting

Using transport carts, the textiles that have been done in the pre-sorting then go into post-sorting.
It is further assessed as to what kind of material / fabric it is and in what condition it is. Here we also look at the cut and determine if it is modern or not. In the post-sorting there are various departments, including trousers, extra and no. 1, dresses/skirts, household items, wool, shoes and leather/fur, etc.

 Packed into bags or compressed into bales

Once the goods have passed through all the stages of sorting, they are ready for packing.
Depending on the quality, they are packed into plastic bags, big bags or compressed into bales.
The plastic and big bags are sealed in the production hall and placed into storage.
Once the bale or bag has been filled, it is labelled with a bar code and scanned so that it enters the stock system automatically. The package also displays the item code, weight and sometimes the name of the customer.

 Loading, weighing and registration 
The container is weighed empty and then filled with bales and/or bags from the stock, in accordance with the customer’s order. Before the goods are taken into the container, the forklift driver scans them to ensure the correct registration of outgoing goods.

  • clothing : In all shapes and sizes
  • Shoes: In any size and any color
  • Class Creme: Extra superior quality
  • Class No. 1: Good and quality clothing
  • Class No. 2: Good clothes to wear

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